Zulu Home Stay

Rural Zulu Community Experience & Home Stay Programme.

Learn about the history and heritage of the Biyela People, who are directly related to the royal house of the Zulu, while staying in a rural Zulu homestead.

Cultural Performers

Cultural Entertainment to make your event come alive.

Traditional Zulu dancing that gives you goosebumps, spectacular Gumboot Dancing or the vibrant sounds of Marimba that draw you into the pulse of Africa.

If you have a body you are a dancer!

If you are still not convinced you have what it takes, hire our troupe to perform at your corporate, private, or public event, including weddings. For a modest fee, we present, inter alia, spectacular Zulu dancing, gumboot dancing, Tswana traditional dancing, multi-cultural fusion dance routines, Traditional African folk & Zulu Maskandi music, praise poetry, team-building routines, and Zulu sports. Most of our performers are based in Durban and Johannesburg. These professionals have won global prestige, having performed in the USA, Seychelles, UK and Vietnam.

Become a part of our world

Join us for an unforgettable Zulu home-stay and real-life Zulu cultural experience. This superlative experience is, however, not affected nor is it pre-packaged. Beyond Zulu Experience takes you on a genuine quest to reveal, and revel in, the culture, heritage, and transformation in the lives of the Zulu people, whose beliefs and values yet remain intact. Your unique and fascinating sojourn is set deep in the heart of Zululand. The charming town of Melmoth, 2 hours' drive from Durban, is the scene of the experience. Melmoth is but a short drive to the game reserves and cultural attractions.

Take a journey of discovery

Be enthralled by the vibrant city of Durban as you join us on our Durban City Tour! Be captivated by our specialist tourist guides, as they escort you to various sites highlighting culture and heritage. Important battlefields are viewed, as is the enthralling and ubiquitous wildlife.

Are you ready to join us?

Get in touch now to hire our Performers, book a Tour, or stay with a Zulu Family.


Our Values & Principles

• HUMILITY - We remain humble, respectful of our clients, our staff, our community and all those with whom we interact.
• COMMUNICATION - We remain open and communicative with all our stakeholders.
• ACCOUNTABILITY - We uphold the highest standards, and remain accountable to all, in all we do.
• VALUES - We are committed to remembering and practising the above values and principles at all times.

Our Vision

• To offer unrehearsed experiences to tourists, thereby maximizing benefits to local communities by involving them in sustainable, tourist-orientated programmes, while offering our guests real-life experiences of the Zulu people.
• To be positioned as reliable, effective and accountable coordinators & facilitators of the true rural Zulu community experience, school excursions, and responsible tourism experiences in KwaZulu-Natal.
• To bring hope, to instil pride into, and to encourage our communities and cast, by creating income-generating opportunities, offering tourism, cultural performances, and hospitality training; educating the community on nature and the preservation of culture for future generations.