Beyond Zulu Experience
“Its real lived experiences ... not forced ... not manufactured ... not imagined”

Imagine yourself inhabiting a rural Zulu homestead! Here you may achieve the unbelievable richness of real-life experiences through the eyes of indigenous people, who, despite not being classified affluent, lead extraordinary lives, and whose wealth is far more profound than mere material riches. In such an environment, you may roam at will, marveling at the history of the Biyela People, who are directly related to the royal house of the Zulu. Learn about their history and heritage, having given birth to heroes such as Mkhosana Biyela, who rallied the Zulu regiments against the invading British at Isandlwana. The stories of Magidi kaMenziwa, and Gala kaNodade Biyela, both heroes during King Shaka’s reign, will leave you captivated!

Beyond Zulu Experience takes you on this journey that showcases the culture, heritage, and the transformation in the lives of the Zulu people,whose beliefs and values yet remain intact.

Spend the day partaking in community services;learning how to brew and drink traditional Zulu beer; visiting local schools, and traditional Zulu ceremonies when these are held; visiting annual events, such as the Zulu Reed Dance in August/September, or the Isandlwana Anglo-Zulu war re-enactment on 22nd January. You may relax while sitting around the fire, listening to traditional tales from our erudite raconteurs and village elders, enjoying the spectacular traditional Zulu dancing in the evenings.

Freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served. Drinking water and flush toilets are available for your convenience.


Our Zulu home-stay programme comprises various aspects which allow a deeper understanding of the way in which the Zulu culture emerged from the cradle of nature:
• The roles of Isangoma and traditional healers are clearly defined,revealing why they are known as the mediators of the living and the spiritual world. Learn also about various herbs and remedies used by the Sangomas and traditional healers … listen to their stories on how they bury their old selves, being reborn as Sangomas or diviners;
• Ukweshela, or the courtship and its dramatics, showcasing the way in which fierce Zulu warriors can be romantic lovers;
• Traditional Zulu ceremonies (Coming-of-age ceremony, Zulu weddings);
• Cattle, and their relevance to the life of the Zulu folk;
• Wisdom during pre-colonial times;
• The unsung heroes of Zululand;
• Bead-making for ladies;
• Fighting formations;
• Social upbringing and mores;
• Beer-brewing; and
• Hunting.


Nearby attractions include:

• Isandlwana battlefield;
• Emakhosini Valley of Kings – seven Zulu Kings are buried here;
• Ophathe Game Reserve;
• Ulundi – King Cetswayo's reconstructed homestead, razed to the ground by the British army in 1879;
• Fort Nongqai; and
• Shakaland.

We welcome families, couples, solo travelers, schoolchildren/students, volunteers, tour groups, backpackers, etc. We accept Electronic bank transfers and paypal as pre-payments.

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