Beyond Zulu Experience
“Its real lived experiences ... not forced ... not manufactured ... not imagined”
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Just imagine yourself staying in a Rural Zulu homestead and listening to the sound of the indigenous Zulu musical instruments, spending the day in the local Shebeen and sitting around the fire listening to traditional tales from village elders, or learning how to make traditional local foods, colorful beadwork or just doing nothing. Join us and see the world through the eyes of the people that live far below the poverty line, but yet have hope every day. The Biyela Community offers their warm and comfortable homesteads that we have carefully selected for the ecological and responsible travelers who want a travel experience with a difference! This is a great place for those who seek rural home stays and to experience the day to day real lived experiences of the rural Zulu people - this will change your life for ever!

DAY 1.
• Meet your local guide from the community and a Co-ordinator from Beyond Zulu Experience in a small town called Melmoth (between Eshowe and Ulundi).
• Proceed to a homestead for your overnight stay.
• Overnight at a carefully selected Homestead: everyone in the community wants to open their warm homes.
• Enjoy Zulu cuisine freshly prepared for the evening by the host family and the locals.
• Entertainment for the evening by the locals and storytelling by the knowledgeable hosts and village elders who are available to answer your questions and give insight into the Zulu culture and social systems.

DAY 2.
Wake up Call and Breakfast
Participate in the ploughing experience, beadwork lessons for the ladies, herbs digging and collection for the men, and other typical chores in the rural Zulu family.
Consultation with the real Sangoma, the mediator of the living and the spiritual world.
Guests will walk to a different Zulu homestead where lunch will be served.
The Shebeen Experience is a must see - Drink umqombothi or quarter beer / soft drink and interact with the locals to catch up on the latest community gossip. Walk back to your Homestead once you have had enough fun.
Dinner will be served and then you can spend the rest of the evening at leisure.
Other fun activities will be co-ordinated as required as our experience is not forced. Our aim is for our Guests to experience the way in which the Zulu people in the rural communities really live.

DAY 3.
Wake up Call
Departure (a stopover at the local Primary school to give Guests an opportunity to interact with children who walk distance everyday to get a slice of education. These children have dreams, and your visit will give them hope that their dream will one day be fulfilled)


Zulu Ceremonies – GUESTS will be taken to Zulu Weddings, Coming of Age ceremonies etc if they are available.
Volunteer Work & Fulfilling Dreams – for those that want to do more than just the Community Experience. We email the individual’s/community stories and dreams with all our packages, and Guests can volunteer to fulfill those dreams … it's amazing how this experience will change your life!

Taking this package will contribute directly to the host communities as well as other family members -
not only financially, but will also bring hope and encouragement to many.

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